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2017-2018 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

History, BA Major in

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Program Requirements - Total Semester Hours: Minimum 30

The BA major in history consists of a minimum of 30 semester hours in history, including a minimum of 18 semester hours of course work on the advanced level (100-level courses or above).     

A grade of C- or above is required in each course in the major. 

The History  Department also strongly recommends that students take courses in other departments that relate closely to historical subjects in which they are particularly interested, or consider taking a co-major in another field or discipline. It is also highly desirable that students acquire skills in reading and speaking a language other than English, taking their level of proficiency beyond the minimum university requirement.

The History  Department requires the following for majors in history:

I. Introductory courses - Semester Hours: 3

Chosen from the following:

II. Intermediate courses - Semester Hours: 8

(ordinarily taken in first and/or second year in preparation for taking a seminar in junior or senior year)

III. Advanced Courses - Semester Hours: 3

One seminar (ordinarily taken in junior year) chosen from the following:

IV. A minimum of 3 semester hours in each of the following three areas:

A. European History:

B. American History:

V. Additional History electives – Semester Hours: Minimum 7

A minimum of 7 s.h. chosen from the following courses:

VI. Independent Research and Reading Courses

On a limited basis students may undertake an independent reading and research project under the supervision of a member of the History  Department faculty.  Students interested in doing independent work should meet with their departmental adviser.

VII. Internships

On a limited basis students may work in historical societies, governmental agencies, or other non profit agencies undertaking a project related to history.  They will do so under the joint supervision of Department of History  and the host organization on projects leading to academic credit.

VIII. Honors

Students with a GPA of 3.5 or better may choose to research and write a substantial historical essay for departmental honors. Students should normally start work with their faculty adviser in the semester preceding their registration in HIST 100 .  Permission prior to registration is required.

Complete BA Requirements

BA Requirements  in HCLAS.


Many History majors combine History with a co-major in Elementary and Secondary School Teaching:

For information about combining a History major with the Law School at Hofstra, see Legal Education Accelerated Program (LEAP) .

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