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2012 Summer Sessions Bulletin 
2012 Summer Sessions Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

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BIO 012: (NS) Animal Form and Function

Semester Hours: 4
This introductory course covers the biology of the  major groups of animals, both vertebrate and invertebrate. Various systems will be discussed (e.g., respiration, nutrition) with emphasis on both the regulatory principle of homeostasis and on the cellular basis of system function. Students are required to prepare individual or group-based oral presentations, using appropriate computer-based technologies.  Prerequisite(s)/Course Notes: Course designed for biology majors. Also recommended for majors in other sciences, pre-health professional, pre-veterinary students and undeclared students considering science as a major. Majors in other disciplines are strongly advised to take BIO 3  or 4  to fulfill a laboratory science requirement. This course involves dissection of dead animals in laboratory. If students taking this course have moral, ethical, or religious beliefs that prevent them from participating, they need to discuss available alternatives to these activities with the chairperson of the Department of Biology. (3 hours lecture, 3 hours laboratory, 1 hour recitation.)

Summer Offerings
SSI: 60511 (Lecture): May 23-Jun 26; M-R 3-5 p.m.; Peterson, 220 Gittleson
SSI: 60512 (Lab): May 23-Jun 26; M-W 10:45 a.m.-2:45 p.m.; Peterson; 213 Gittleson

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