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2022 Summer Sessions Bulletin 
2022 Summer Sessions Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]



Early registration may ensure placement in the classes you select. Since some classes do fill early, we strongly recommend that you register as soon as possible.

Undergraduate students may register for a maximum of seven semester hours per session or a total of 14 semester hours during Summer Session I  and II , three or four credits for Summer Session III . Graduate students may enroll in no more than two courses in Summer Session I and Summer Session II, and no more than one course in Summer Session III.

Continuing Students

If you attended Hofstra during the spring 2021 semester or have been approved for an academic leave for the term, you may register online beginning March 1, 2021. Please use the Hofstra Online registration system which can be reached through the portal at My.Hofstra.edu

Former Students

Those students who attended Hofstra prior to the spring 2021 semester may register in advance. You may access the Summer Bulletin online here.  

Visiting Undergraduate Students

Students enrolled at an accredited college or university wishing to attend Hofstra during any session are required to submit a visiting student application available here. The application requires written documentation from their home institution confirming their academic good standing, their eligibility to continue classes at their home institution, that there are no pending disciplinary proceedings against them and that they have not been convicted of any felony or misdemeanor charges and there are currently no pending criminal charges against them. Students visiting Hofstra accept full responsibility for University tuition, fees, and other applicable charges in effect at Hofstra for the session or semester of attendance. Visiting undergraduate students shall not be permitted to enroll in graduate courses at Hofstra. All visiting students must be accepted through the Office of Admission.

Transfer of Credits to Home Institutions

College students planning to use coursework at Hofstra to meet home-school degree requirements are strongly recommended to consult, in advance, their college for approval of transfer credit (written approval is advisable). Each institution sets its own rules for the acceptance of transfer credit. Transcripts may be ordered via the my.hofstra.edu portal.

At the end of the summer session (not before the last week), you may request a transcript of your scholastic record be sent to your home institution. There is no fee for transcripts ordered online via the Hofstra portal; a fee of $5 per transcript is charged for transcripts ordered via paper form. A student in good standing may receive a transcript required by the Armed Forces without charge. Students may also request copies of course descriptions at $3/page. All requests are processed through the Office of Academic Records/Registrar upon written request and payment of the appropriate fee. No transcript will be issued for a student who is in arrears. Transcripts are processed in the order in which requests are received. During peak periods, you should expect a one- to a two-week delay.

Walk-in Registration

You may bring registration forms with payment directly to the Stu­dent Financial Services and Registrar Suite, Room 206 Memorial Hall, through Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. During the summer, the Student Financial Services and Registrar Suite is open Monday, through Thursday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m., and Friday, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. For up-to-date walk-in hours, please visit hofstra.edu/sfscalendar.

Change of Address

Students must report a change of home or local address to the Office of Academic Records/Registrar immediately on a special form provided by that office. Change of address can also be processed through Hofstra Online at My.Hofstra.edu.

Candidates for Graduation

Hofstra students who plan to complete graduation requirements during the summer must file an application for August graduation at the Office of Academic Records/Registrar. Undergraduates must file no later than March 1. Graduates must file no later than June 15 if their last class is in Summer Session I, July 15 if their last class is in Summer Session II, and August 15 if their last class is in Summer Session III. Late applications for graduation are subject to a late fee. All courses to be applied toward the degree must be completed by the last day of classes.


Veterans and dependents of deceased or disabled veterans, and active-duty personnel drawing veterans educational benefits should visit the Veterans’ Representative in the Student Financial Services Suite, Room 206 Memorial Hall, or call 516-463-8000, several months before the semester begins.

Service Member Readmission

Hofstra University is sensitive to the fact that our students may leave the University or postpone an offer of admission in order to perform military service and encourages those students to resume their education once that service has ended.

Before You Leave:
Qualified students who seek to take a leave of absence to perform military service should give notice of service to the Office of Student Financial Services and Registrar as far in advance as is reasonable under the circumstances unless military necessity prevents advance notice. If advance notice is not provided, students must provide verification that they performed military service upon returning to the University.

When You Are Ready to Return
When students wish to be readmitted, they should give notice of their intent to return to the Office of Admission appropriate readmission forms are available here. Veterans will be entitled to be readmitted and will be readmitted with the same academic status as when they last attended so long as:

  1. There is no disqualifying event, such as a dishonorable or bad conduct discharge;
  2. The cumulative length of absence and all previous absences for military service (service time only) does not exceed the established time period for such leave (generally 5 years); and
  3. The student notifies the University of his or her intent to return within 3 years from the completion of the period of service, or, if recovering from a service-related illness or injury, no later than 2 years after the recovery.

The University is committed to assisting those service members seeking readmission. When necessary, and as determined on a case-by-case basis, the University will offer appropriate academic services, free of charge, to help students become prepared to resume their studies with the same academic status where they left off or to help the student be prepared to complete the program.

Auditing Policy

The privilege of auditing courses is not available to students currently enrolled at Hofstra or at other institutions of higher education. Additionally, students admitted to professional schools may not audit Hofstra courses in preparation for enrollment at those institutions. Auditing of undergraduate courses is made available to individuals not enrolled in any institution of higher education as a service to enrich their knowledge in a particular area, upon payment of 50 percent of the regular part-time undergraduate tuition. You do have the option of converting the courses from a noncredit to credit basis within the first week of the summer session. Permission of the instructor, payment of adjusted tuition and fees, and meeting all University admissions conditions are required prior to such conversions. For admission to undergraduate courses apply at the Center for University Advising, Room 101 Memorial Hall, or call 516-463-6770. It is not the policy to permit either Hofstra or non-Hofstra students to audit graduate courses.

Changes of Program or Withdrawal

Students may use Hofstra Online to make changes to their schedule through the first day of class. Withdrawal deadlines may be found online at hofstra.edu/sfs/sfs_deadlines.html.


All students attending classes who wish to confer with their faculty advisers or instructors may make appointments in the department office.