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2022-2023 Graduate Studies Bulletin 
2022-2023 Graduate Studies Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Badge Study

Specific Policies Pertaining to Badge Admission and Academic Policies

The policies stated here are applicable to students enrolled in badge programs. Unless otherwise stated, students will be subject to the terms of these policies. If a specific academic policy is not listed here, policies listed in the remainder of the Graduate Bulletin are applicable.

Badge Admission

Applicants to a graduate badge program must present evidence of a baccalaureate or graduate degree from a fully, regionally accredited institution when they apply for admission. Admission to a badge program is open to those who have met general admission guidelines. Some badge programs may have specific admission requirements. Applicants should carefully check individual badge programs. Criteria for admission are subject to change without notice.

Graduate transfer credit will not be accepted as part of a badge program. No credit toward a badge program will be allowed for courses taken at another school while enrolled in a badge program at Hofstra. Students are limited to the courses outlined in the badge program description.

Students interested in earning a graduate badge can study on a non-matriculated basis.

Students are not limited to how many badges they may earn.

Permission to take courses in a badge program or the earning of a badge does not constitute acceptance to a graduate degree program. Students may apply to a graduate program and/or obtain advisement on which of the graduate courses previously taken as part of a badge program will fulfill degree requirements.

Non-matriculated students accepted into a badge program are not eligible for Hofstra University Academic Scholarships offered by the University.

Grading and Academic Policies

Grading in graduate courses that are part of a badge program will follow the University grading policy. Please see Basic Regulations Governing Graduate Programs – item #2 for grade information. Students enrolled in a badge program will not be permitted to repeat a course; this benefit is a reserved benefit for a matriculated student in a graduate degree with instructor permission.

Students enrolled in a badge program must adhere to all academic deadlines and fee schedules, as per the published academic and fee calendars.

It is the responsibility of all students to monitor their academic progress. Any student enrolled in a badge program must earn a minimum of a 3.0/B or higher in all classes that are part of a badge program. All students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher in order to earn a badge from Hofstra University.

As with most graduate programs, all credits applied towards a badge program must be earned within a period of five years starting from the date of completion of the first course applicable to the badge. Exceptions will be made for any period of intervening military service.

Academic Honesty

Badge students clearly guilty of gross and unambiguous violations of academic honesty (e.g., cheating on exams or graded projects, quoting a substantial portion of a source verbatim without citation) shall be suspended or dismissed from the badge program, in line with Faculty Policy Series 11G. Badge students clearly guilty of other forms of academic dishonesty (particularly those concerning a more sophisticated understanding of the use of sources and development of an authorial voice) shall be subject to a range of penalties, including rewriting the assignment, failure of the assignment or of the course, or suspension/dismissal from the University. For further details concerning violations of academic honesty within the graduate study, as well as procedures for handling such violations and for reviewing and appealing charges of academic dishonesty, see the Academic Honesty  section of this bulletin.

Earning a Badge

After successfully completing the required coursework for a particular badge and earning a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, students will be awarded an electronic badge from Hofstra University. This badge can be posted on social media and networking websites and/or on an electronic resume. Students may request official transcripts from the Office of Academic Records as evidence of earned credits. Diplomas and invitations to commencement ceremonies are academic privileges that are not extended to non-matriculated students completing a badge program.

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