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2007 Summer Sessions Bulletin 
2007 Summer Sessions Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Courses of Special Interest

Summer Writing Workshops

The Summer Writing Workshops operate on the principle that true writing talent can be developed, nurtured and encouraged by writer-in-residence mentors. Through instruction, discussion, criticism and free exchange among the workshop members, new writers begin to find their voice and their style. For further information, call Judith Reed at (516) 463-5993 or visit www.hofstra.edu/ucce/SummerWriting.

Intensive Language Courses

Each of these intensive language courses is given over a period of two and one-half weeks. Earn three credits for each of the courses listed below. Languages levels I and II may be taken sequentially over a five-week period for six credits. Refer to the course descriptions for additional information including meeting dates and times as well as prerequisites required for enrollment.

Elementary Latin LAT 1 and 2
Summer Session II

Elementary Russian RUS 1 and 2
Summer Session I

Elementary Swahili SWAH 1 and 2
Summer Session II.

Regional Geology for Teachers: Field Geology Workshop in Hawaii

GEOL 280F, 4 s.h.
Intended for elementary and secondary school teachers who wish to expand their knowledge of field geology and its underlying concepts and explore in detail the geology of a particular geographic region. Workshops may include some classroom time, but are primarily field trip experiences designed to examine the geomorphic features and rock formations of a region and to interpret the geological processes that have operated through time.

Purpose and Goals of Course: Through an integrated lecture and field course, students will investigate the geology of Hawaii. The purpose of the course will be to create and to provide a hands-on introduction to geologic field observation and the methods needed to integrate conclusions based academic learning and observed scientific data. Thus, emphasis for the course will be placed on the tectonic evolution, volcanic and sedimentary depositional processes and glacial features observed and what conclusions can be inferred from the field data gathered. Field reports will be based on observations, measurement, analysis and interpretation in the subdisciplines of structure, stratigraphy, volcanology, petrology, field geology, cartography, mineralogy, and geochemistry. Brief mapping exercises will be undertaken to integrate observations with problem solving and interpretive analysis. Formal lectures precede the field course. Student PowerPoint presentations will be based on each individual field report and will end the session (9 days off-campus and at least 2 days on-campus; 4 s.h.) Trip will run out of Hilo, Hawaii, from July 23rd to August 2nd. Methods of Instruction: An integrated series of daily field trips to different geologic terrains following Geologic Society of America field guides, National Park field guides, and the field areas selected specifically for this class. A day of formal lectures will precede this course at Hofstra University on Monday, July 16, 2007. Field lecturing will be kept to a minimum and will only be planned to provide introductory material. Rather the students will be encouraged to discuss observations and draw conclusions independently.