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2009 Summer Sessions Bulletin 
2009 Summer Sessions Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Courses of Special Interest

Summer Writing Workshops

The Summer Writing Workshops operate on the principle that true writing talent can be developed, nurtured and encouraged by writer-in-residence mentors. Through instruction, discussion, criticism and free exchange among the workshop members, new writers begin to find their voice and their style.  For further information, call go to www.hofstra.edu/ucce/SummerWriting.

Intensive Language Courses

Each of these intensive language courses is given over a period of two and one-half weeks. Earn three credits for each of the courses listed below. Languages levels I and II may be taken sequentially over a five-week period for six credits. Refer to the course descriptions for additional information including meeting dates and times as well as prerequisites required for enrollment.

Hofstra DIGS Italy

Hofstra DIGS Italy is a unique opportunity for students interested in classics and the humanities to earn academic credits while experiencing firsthand the life of the archaeologist in the stunning setting of the Tuscan coast in Italy. Both Hofstra and non-Hofstra students are welcome to apply.

An intensive three-week course that runs during Summer Session I (May 20-June 14). The first two weeks are conducted, seminar style, on campus (Monday-Thursday), with reading and discussion of Roman historians, philosophers, and poets in English translation. Students will learn about the history of Roman Italy, from the archaic to the Augustan periods. The focus will be on the Roman countryside and the Roman villa as cultural symbols and sites for the development and transformation of Roman identity. The third week (June 5-14) will be intensive archaeological fieldwork in Poggio del Molino, Italy, where students will experience firsthand the excavation of a Roman villa, in collaboration with Progetto Archeodig. Exposure to the literature and history of the period will be complemented by an introduction to archaeological theory and methodology. No previous archeological training, or knowledge of Italian, Latin or Greek are required.

Stars and Galaxies 
Elementary treatment of stellar and galactic astronomy, tracing the development of ideas to the present time. Accompanying laboratory illustrates measurements appropriate to stellar and galactic astronomy.

Acting Laboratory I 
Exploration of the basic techniques of stage performance, introduction to major contemporary approaches.

Vampires and Gothic 
The gothic imagination, marked by anxious encounters with the “other,” is manifested in late 19th-century literature in several ways: through gender, definitions of mental illness, and through literal creation of monsters and vampires.

Special Topic: Hip Hop and the Secondary School Curriculum  

This week-long workshop takes a critical look at Hip Hop culture and its impact on today’s adolescents. Hip Hop culture will be examined by looking at its evolution as a historical movement in not only music, dance, fashion, and graffiti but also as a socio-political phenomena.

Modern Dance IA 

One of the technique classes in contemporary dance forms designed for the nonmajor to continue over a two-year range of study. Emphasis on technical development, theories and discussion related to expressive potentialities, and the mastery of stylistic variation in contemporary forms of movement.

Special Topics: Software Project Management 
Information can be presented in various forms–text, graphics, animation, audio, and video. This course deals with the design of software and protocols for presenting data through multiple media.

Broadcast News Writing and Reporting 
Introduction to news reporting and writing for radio and television; differing imperatives of broadcast and print journalism; equipment familiarity; the broadcast newsroom use of pictures and sound to convey news reports; emphasis on writing on time; structure of the broadcast news package. Outside community research and reporting time is required.

Readings in Literature: Baseball and American Literature 
Historian Jacques Barzun observed, “Whoever would understand the heart and mind of America had better learn baseball.” Baseball and American literature explore the weave of baseball’s ubiquitous presence in American life from its influence on language and expression to its connection with the American persona and identity through literature from Ring Lardner to August Wilson.

Hatha Yoga 
Specially designed postures and exercises which not only improve the student’s overall physical fitness level, but also increases bodily awareness and creativity.

Feature and Magazine Writing 
Writing and reporting of feature news stories for print with special emphasis on stories intended for magazine publication. First section of a two-segment magazine writing sequence. Outside community research and reporting time is required.

This exercise class focuses on improving core body strength by elongating and strengthening postural muscles. The class will emphasize proper exercise technique, breathing technique, and improved body awareness through the development of core body strength.

Mysticism and the Spiritual Quest 
Mysticism is traditionally defined as the yearning for direct connection to a transcendent reality and is referred to as the esoteric dimension of religious search. A cross-cultural exploration of the meanings, definitions, practices and common themes of mysticism via a study of original texts (in translation) from different parts of the world.