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2009 Summer Sessions Bulletin 
2009 Summer Sessions Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Tuition and Fees



Tuition and Fees


Tuition and other fees are payable as specified in the following schedule. Checks and money orders are to be made payable to Hofstra University for the exact amount of the tuition and fee payment. Visa and MasterCard payments are also accepted. The privileges of the University are not available until you have completed your registration. No registration can be accepted for a student whose account remains unpaid for a prior semester. Hofstra University reserves the right to alter this schedule of charges without notice.

The Student Administrative Complex on the second floor of Memorial Hall houses the Office of Student Accounts, the Student Account Representatives, the Office of Academic Records and the Office of Financial Aid.

Tuition, per semester hour


For undergraduate and 100-level courses


For 200 and above-level courses (graduate students only)


For 200 and above-level courses (graduate business students only) $875
University fee, per session.


UG Student activity fee, per session.


GR Student activity fee, per session.


Technology fee, per session.
(Summer Session I and II)


Fee for uncollected check returned by bank


Transcript fee; student copy (Official Transcripts, no charge)


Begins May 21 for Session I, June 30 for Session II and August 4 for Session III.


Late filing fee for graduation
For students who file for graduation after the following dates:
March 1 for Undergraduate candidates for August graduation, June 15 for Session I, July 15 for Session II and August 17 for Session III for graduate candidates for August graduation.


Program change fee begins May 21 for Session I, June 30 for Session II and August 4 for Session III.


Course description fee, copy per page
Requests for course descriptions are processed through the Office of Academic Records upon written request and payment of the appropriate fee amount.



Tuition Due Dates

Summer Session I: May 13, 2009
Summer Session II: June 22, 2009
Summer Session III: July 27, 2009

$50 late payment fee will be assessed if not paid by the due date.

Refund of Tuition


All students may withdraw from courses before the session begins with no tuition liability. Should you wish to withdraw from the University during a session, you must first fill out the appropriate forms at the Office of Student Accounts and complete the withdrawal by the last day of classes.

Refunds will be calculated on the basis of the date of application for withdrawal or reduction in total semester hours due to program change. All tuition related fees are nonrefundable except in cases where the University has canceled a student’s course(s).

Please be aware that you are responsible to formally notify the University of any plans to drop or withdraw from courses and will be held responsible for all billings regardless of class attendance. Note: Non-attendance of classes does not constitute an official withdrawal, and does not relieve the student of his or her financial obligation, or entitle the student to a refund.

The University will remit tuition charges as follows:

Summer Session I

May 22


May 23-26


May 27-29


May 30-June 2



Summer Session II

July 1


July 2-6


July 7-9


July 10-13



Summer Session III

August 3


August 4


August 5


August 6



Refund Deadlines and Rules


Please review the Semester Planning Guide available at for all tuition and withdrawal deadlines.

Students enrolled in a course that is canceled by the University will be credited full tuition and applicable fees. The number of classes attended has no bearing on the amount of refund given.

The date the withdrawal application is received by the Office of Student Accounts, in person or by mail, determines the amount of the refund remitted in accordance with the above tuition remission schedule. Telephone calls are not acceptable.

Senior Citizen Tuition Discount


To encourage their participation and extend the benefits of its community service program, Hofstra offers a 50-percent tuition discount for senior citizens registered in credit courses on campus. To be eligible for this discount, a registrant must be at least 60 years of age. The age qualification is to be verified by presentation, at registration, of a Senior Citizen’s Identification Card issued by the Nassau County Department of Senior Citizen Affairs or a town, city, or village Office for the Aging. All students must pay applicable fees.


Financial Aid


Federal Pell grants and loans are available to eligible students for the summer attending at least half- time. Some alternative loan programs are also available. Contact the Office of Financial Aid for more information.