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2013-2014 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2013-2014 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Study Abroad

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Study abroad is one of the most effective ways of learning about the world. Hofstra students have many opportunities to earn credits while studying in other countries. Undergraduate students can choose from a number of programs that have been developed over the years by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences; The Lawrence Herbert School of Communication; School of Education; School of Health Sciences and Human Services; and the Zarb School of Business. 

A brief description of Hofstra programs is listed below. All Hofstra undergraduates who meet the specific prerequisites of any program and are academically and judicially in good standing are eligible and welcome to apply. Information on these programs is available from the individual dean’s offices indicated below. 

Students who want to pursue programs not listed below can be advised by the Office of Study Abroad Programs, 107 Roosevelt Hall, about available programs elsewhere. To be eligible to receive credit toward a bachelor’s degree, students must have courses approved in advance via the Permission to Study Abroad at Another Institution Form, available from the Study Abroad Office. Students who would like to do a semester abroad through another university or third-party study abroad provider are requested to meet with the assistant dean for study abroad programs, 107 Roosevelt Hall, the semester prior to study abroad.

The Office of the Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs awards six full-tuition scholarships, for either a full-year or semester of study at the University of Amsterdam. Three of the full-tuition scholarships are reserved for Zarb School of Business students. Students receive Hofstra credit for approved courses in European history, geography, economics, political science business and Dutch language. (All courses are taught in English.) The program is recommended for students who have achieved junior status at Hofstra ( a minimum of 60 credits), and have obtained a 3.4 GPA. For more information, contact Professor Maria Fixell, assistant dean for study abroad programs, at 107 Roosevelt Hall or 516-463 4765.

Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Winter and summer short-term programs are offered through Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. These programs have distinctive advantages. While learning about the culture, people and attractions of the foreign city or country, students have the advantage of satisfying major/minor or distribution requirements. Even though these programs are limited in duration, they serve as excellent opportunities to gain cultural awareness and grow both personally and academically. Students can obtain a maximum of four credits in January or summer session 3 and a maximum of seven credits in summer sessions 1 and 2. 

Our January three-week study abroad offerings include: Athens, Belize, Galapagos Islands and Ecuador, LGBT in Paris, London and Venice. The Athens program affords students the opportunity to study comparative literature or history and enjoy all the cultural richness of Greece. The Belize program offers students 13 days of sun, sea, sand and study! During the program, students are stationed at the Belize Marine Tropical Research and Education Center on Amergris Caye. The Galapagos Islands and Ecuador program allows students to earn credit while studying in one of the world’s greatest natural laboratories. The LGBT in Paris program focuses on topics that address gay life in Paris and provides students with the opportunity to view the gay “world” in a French context and, thus, to contextualize the gay experience as it responds to the wider cultural framework. The London program offers courses in contemporary British theater. Class work is supplemented by theater performances and on-site excursions. The Venice program affords students the opportunity to study Italian, art history, comparative literature, or other disciplines. Side trips to Murano, Torcello and Burano and cultural tours within Venice supplement classroom work.

Our summer study abroad offerings include: Africa, China, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan and Spain. The Africa program is based in Namibia, located on the southwestern coast of Africa. After a five day on-campus introduction, faculty and students travel to Namibia, including stops in Windhock, the capital, originally a colonial city, Etosha National Park, Skeleton Coast National Park, and other critical sites. During their time in Namibia, students have the opportunity to take a three-credit course: Special Topics in Anthropology: Against All Odds: Cultural Survival in the Twenty-first Century. The China program takes place in Shanghai where students can study Chinese language and literature. The program in France offers students four weeks in Paris and one week in Nice, on the French Riviera. Students can take courses in French language, culture and literature, or courses in English (typically French literature in translation, but occasionally other disciplines as well). Students also visit significant sites of culture, for example the Louvre and Versailles, as part of the program. The trip to Spain is based in Santiago de Compostela. Courses offered typically include elementary, intermediate and advanced language, literature, as well as courses in other disciplines. The Italy program takes place in Sorrento. Students may choose courses in all level of Italian language and literature and occasionally courses in other disciplines. The Japan program visits Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, as well as Hiroshima, where students visit the Peace Museum and other memorials to the 1945 atomic bombing. A side trip to Miyajima Island concludes the program travel before returning to Tokyo for the final days. In Japan, students may elect to study political science, Asian literature or Japanese language. The Ireland program takes place in Galway where students attend classes at the university there. Course offerings include: English and Irish literature and Gaelic language. The Germany program is based in Berlin. Students can earn three credits and at the same time explore all that the city of Berlin has to offer with all its culture, history and vibrant city and economic life.

For further information about our January or summer programs, please contact Professor Maria Fixell, assistant dean for study abroad programs, 107 Roosevelt Hall, at 516-463 4765.

Odyssey Programs

These programs provide unique and exciting opportunities for students to discover both the world and themselves through study and travel abroad with Hofstra faculty and include the Mexican, European and Italian Odyssey programs.

The Mexican Odyssey
Students have the opportunity to travel to south central Mexico for three weeks during the January session and study Mexico’s diverse past, including the major indigenous civilizations of the Aztecs, Maya, Olmecs and Zapotecs. The program also focuses on contemporary Mexican political, economic and social issues with particular emphasis on the effects on Mexico of NAFTA and globalization.  

The European Odyssey
The European Odyssey is a spring semester-length interdisciplinary study abroad program housed in the Department of Global Studies and Geography. Accompanied by Hofstra faculty, students travel for 10 weeks by minivan throughout western and eastern Europe. The focus and itinerary of the program vary each year in order to address events and issues of relevance in Europe. The courses examine both historical and contemporary topics in specific countries and regions as well as in Europe generally. Students receive 15 credits for the program composed of five three-credit courses.

The Italian Odyssey
The Italian Odyssey explores the cultural and intellectual history of Italy in an exciting summer interdisciplinary program. The program begins with two weeks in the town of Sorrento and concludes in Florence.


For more information about the Odyssey programs, please contact Professor Linda Longmire at 516-463 5828 or Linda.A.Longmire@hfostra.edu

The Lawrence Herbert School of Communication

The Lawrence Herbert School of Communication offers a four-week study abroad program – SCO in Rome! – based in Rome, Italy, during the month of July. It combines Italian cinema and media studies with Roman history and modern Italian government and culture, and includes extensive cultural and historical excursions, tours, and experiences. The program brings together students and faculty from all Lawrence Herbert School of Communication departments, giving participants an opportunity to experience the overlapping studies and perspectives of each area.

SCO in Rome! exposes students to one of the most vibrant cities in the world. The media center of Italy, Rome has a rich heritage of communication in all forms to complement its breathtaking arts, culture, and “dolce vita.” Students stay in modern dormitory facilities in the wonderful Prati section near Vatican City. Twice-weekly tours of major communication organizations and cultural attractions include Cinecittà (“Cinema City,” Italy’s version of Hollywood), the major ruins and museums, and the Vatican. Students also spend a weekend in Sorrento, experiencing the many historical and regional wonders of the Amalfi Coast.

Two courses are typically offered, one in RTVF and another in either the Department of Journalism, Media Studies, and Public Relations  or the Department of Rhetoric .

For further information, please contact the program director, Randy Hillebrand, at randal.k.hillebrand@hofstra.edu or 516-463-5205.

School of Education

The School of Education offers one study abroad program during Summer Session II.

Mediterranean Cruise (Summer Session II dates were: July 15-29, 2013)

This exciting Study Abroad 2013 option is a Princess Mediterranean Cruise. SOE faculty members are collaborating to offer a variety of courses coupled with a Celebrity Cruise experience to Italy, France, Greece, and Turkey. Ports will include Barcelona, Spain; Toulon, France; Florence, Italy; Rome, Italy; Naples, Italy; Mykonos, Greece; Kusadasi (Ephesus), Turkey; Athens, Greece; and Venice, Italy.

Students and faculty members will depart on Monday, July 15 by air from NYC/JFK Airport to Barcelona and will stay one night in a Barcelona hotel until cruise departure on July 17. While in Barcelona, sightseeing activities will be available. The trip will end in Venice on Monday, July 29 with air travel to NYC/JFK on the same day.

Course Offerings on the Cruise

  • Developing Literacy Strategies by Exploring the Connection Between Culture and its Influences on Children’s Literature (3 s.h.): ELED 186I; SED 186I; ELED 205; ELED 286I; SED 286I; CT 286I; ELED 278
  • Person and the World: Human Development and the Cultural Surround (3 s.h.): ELED 243; ELED 213; CT 102; ELED 181; ELED 281; CT 229
  • Interdisciplinary and Multicultural Education: Learning through the Arts (3 s.h.): CT 281I; SED 181I; SED 281I; ELED 181I; ELED 281I; SED 181I; ELED 122; ELED 212; CT 298B; SED 114; CT 297B

Course and Trip Information

Participants pay a program fee in addition to standard Hofstra tuition and fees. The program fee for participants is subject to change due to international currency fluctuations, energy surcharges and other price increases. The final cost includes: cruise and hotel accommodations (double/triple occupancy), round-trip airfare to Europe, all ground and sea transportation, and all cruise meals. Fee does not include incidental costs, excursions and meals in ports-of-call.

For further information, Barbara Calvo in the Office of Professional Development Services, 113 Hagedorn Hall, 516-463-5750.

Professional development hours and/or in-service credit may be available through school districts. School district purchase orders are accepted. 

School of Health Sciences and Human Services

The School of Health Sciences and Human Services offers one study abroad program during each January session.

Hofstra in Australia (offered during January session)

The city of Sydney, with all its culture, beauty, excitement and diverse surrounding geography, is the setting for this three-week study abroad experience, offered by the Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences (SLHS) Department at Hofstra University.

Course Offering: SPCH 009 - (BH) Exploring the Communication Sciences  (a distribution course that satisfies an SLHS major  requirement).

Program Highlights:

  • Aboriginal cultural tours and cruises
  • Weekends free to travel around Australia
  • Excursions to Bondi Beach, the Blue Mountains, a wildlife park, and Sydney Harbour islands
  • Hotel accommodations within walking distance to downtown and local transportation

For further information, please contact the program director, Dr. Jason Davidow.

Zarb School of Business

During the summer, the Zarb School of Business offers Hofstra students several opportunities to study abroad and learn about global business issues through its programs in China and The Netherlands.

Zarb School in China (Beijing)

The Zarb School’s program in China offers Hofstra business students the opportunity to integrate their knowledge about international business/marketing gained in classrooms by exposing them to the real-life business environment in China. Through field experiences, students gain valuable experiential insights and perspectives that enhance and supplement their learning at Hofstra University. Students take MKT 170 /IB 170 - International Marketing  in two stages: they attend three weeks of classes on campus where they learn about international marketing, and then they travel to China to experience the subject first hand and attend more lectures at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing. Students visit businesses and learn about business practices in China. Local scholars and company personnel will give guest lectures to expose students to the local environment. For further information about Zarb School in China, please contact Dr. Yong Zhang, Department of Marketing and International Business, 127 Weller Hall, 516-463-5713, or Yong.Zhang@hofstra.edu.

Hofstra University Exchange Program With the University of Amsterdam

The Zarb School of Business offers students the opportunity to travel to The Netherlands to take classes either on a full-time basis during a regular semester or on a part-time basis during the summer at the University of Amsterdam. Students from the University of Amsterdam also benefit from this exchange program and may take courses at Hofstra. For more information about the School of Business’ exchange program with the University of Amsterdam, please contact Ms. Gioia Bales, Assistant Dean, Third Floor Weller Hall, 516-463-5703.