May 14, 2021  
2014 Summer Sessions Bulletin 
2014 Summer Sessions Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]



Hofstra’s summer sessions attract more than 5,000 students and provide up to 18 semester hours of college course study. The information provided in this Bulletin pertains to the Frank G. Zarb School of Business, Hofstra College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, The Lawrence Herbert School of Communication, School of Education, School of Health Sciences and Human Services, and the School of Engineering and Applied Science. For information on the summer programs offered by the School of Law, call 516-463-5917, or write: Admission Office, School of Law, Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY 11549.

The summer session program is part of the regular degree program of Hofstra University. Most classes are organized on a one-semester basis and are equivalent in method, content and credit to courses offered by the University during the regular academic year. Credits obtained in these courses may be applied toward the appropriate degrees conferred by the University and are generally accepted as transfer credits by other colleges and universities.

Undergraduate and graduate degree programs are offered during the day, in the late afternoon and in the evening. Both liberal arts courses and courses to increase competence in business, industrial and professional careers are available. Courses designed to provide special training for teachers and other groups are also offered.

While the course offerings are primarily designed to provide the opportunity for regularly enrolled students to accelerate their degree programs, special students and students from other colleges are welcome to register for all courses for which they are qualified.

Obtaining Admission Information

Students interested in pursuing an undergraduate degree at Hofstra University are encouraged to attend an admission information session and tour our beautiful 240-acre campus. To schedule a tour and learn more visit or call 1-800-HOFSTRA.

Students interested in pursuing a graduate degree at Hofstra University should call the Office of Graduate Admissions to schedule an admissions consultation with the dean (1-866-GRAD-HOF).


Students who may attend a summer session include:

  • Admitted or continuing students in good standing;
  • Visiting undergraduate students from other colleges or universities for a summer session only, provided they are in good standing at their college;
  • High school students who have completed their junior year; and
  • Nonmatriculated graduate students.

Undergraduate students from other institutions wishing to enroll in a January session course on a nonmatriculated (visiting) basis must submit a Visiting Student Application, available at, along with an official letter verifying good academic standing and a $60 application fee to the Office of Undergraduate Admission. New nonmatriculated graduate students must contact the Office of Graduate Admissions, show proof of a baccalaureate degree, and complete a Graduate Nonmatriculated Application Form (not applicable to business students).

Visiting undergraduate students must apply by visiting the Office of Undergraduate Admission (Bernon Hall, 516-463-6700). Visiting students who intend to transfer Hofstra course credit back to their home schools are encouraged to discuss their plans with an academic adviser at their home school prior to enrolling. A total of 12 credits can be earned as a visiting student while attending Hofstra. Additional credits may be taken upon approval from the director of Admission. Students can enroll in consecutive terms as a visiting student until the 12-credit limit is reached without reapplying through the Office of Admission.

High school students who have completed their junior year may attend summer sessions at Hofstra University as a visiting student. Students may register for certain introductory courses for which all prerequisites have been met. It is strongly recommended that high school students discuss their plans in advance with their guidance counselors. High school students apply through the Office of Undergraduate Admission (Bernon Hall, 516-463-6700).

Students who attend summer sessions as visiting undergraduate students and wish to be considered for admission for the fall or spring semester must apply to Hofstra through the Office of Admission.

New fall semester undergraduate first-year and transfer students may begin their studies in the summer as visiting students. Accordingly, they must first contact the Office of Admission (Bernon Hall, 516-463-6700). Once admitted for the summer, students should set up an appointment with the Center for University Advisement (101 Memorial Hall, 107 Mack Student Center, 516-463-6770 or 516-463-7222) to discuss their course selection for the summer. After meeting with the Center for University Advisement, registration takes place through the Office of the Registrar (Memorial Hall, second floor, 516-463-8000).

Nonmatriculated graduate students may enroll in summer courses with advisement from an appropriate faculty member. The nonmatriculated admission process must be initiated at the Office of Graduate Admissions (105 Memorial Hall, South Campus). Students must complete a Graduate Nonmatriculated Application (with application fee of $60) and show proof of baccalaureate degree. A maximum of 12 credits is permitted as a non-matriculant. 


Please note that most graduate courses in the Psychology Department are open only to matriculated graduate students in psychology. Please see the course description section  for specific courses that may be available to non-psychology graduate students over the summer. Nonmatriculated graduate students are not permitted to register for any Zarb School of Business graduate courses.

Admission to summer sessions is independent of admission for the fall and spring semesters. Registration in summer session courses does not constitute official acceptance to Hofstra. Students who wish to matriculate into a degree program must apply for admission to the University. Applications may be obtained from the Office of Undergraduate Admission by calling 516-463-6700 or from the Office of Graduate Admissions by calling 516-463-4723.

For office hours, call the Office of Undergraduate Admission (1-800-HOFSTRA) or the Office of Graduate Admissions (1-866-GRADHOF).