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2020-2021 Law Catalog 
2020-2021 Law Catalog [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

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LAW 2842 - Modern Divorce Advocacy

This intensive training simulation-based course provides  students with an introduction to the practice of divorce law. The course focuses on the development of students’  representational skills in all phases of divorce litigation and  disputes. It begins with an overview of applicable law.
Students explore the divorce process with an interdisciplinary focus on how to effectively communicate  with court-appointed mental health and financial professionals, as well as hired consultants in the same fields. They also explore client counseling and alternative dispute resolution (negotiation and mediation)representational skills. Students conduct direct and crossexamination of mental health and financial expert  witnesses, counsel clients, negotiate, and participate in a simulated mediation. The course also includes a careful examination of the ethical responsibilities lawyers face when representing clients in family law disputes. Extensive faculty critique is provided.
Much of the course is centered on alternative dispute resolution. Students will learn the role of the attorney in negotiation and mediation by counseling clients and consulting with mental health and financial experts in a  simulated case. By participating in a mediation, students will improve their counseling and mediation advocacy skills and familiarize themselves with different mediation strategies.
The course is team-taught by lawyers, judges, mental health and financial professionals who possess expertise in working with children and families experiencing divorce.
The course provides a unique opportunity for students to work closely with experts in the field of divorce law and improve their own skills through hands-on experience.
Materials for the course include a specially prepared case file with an interdisciplinary focus and selected readings.

Prerequisites & Notes
Prerequisites & Notes
Recommended courses: Family Law, and Alternatives to  Litigation. Students may, however, apply for permission to take the course without having taken any or all of these courses.


Credits: 1 or 2

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