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2020-2021 Law Catalog 
2020-2021 Law Catalog [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

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LAW 2517 - MLP Practicum

This course is intended to allow students who have completed the course entitled “Law and Medicine Together” to continue their work with the Hofstra|Northwell Medical-Legal Partnership in the following semester. The Practicum’s primary goals are to teach our students how effectively to respond to health-harming legal needs and to help low-income patients in two Northwell clinics resolve legal problems.  A second-level goal involves continuation of interdisciplinary rapport building across traditional professional boundaries (begun in the Law and Medicine Together course) and the continued cultivation of the working relationships begun the previous semester as students continue working closely with Northwell physicians and other professionals as a member of the patient-client care team.   Students will be required to spend 6 hours per week on-site at one of Northwell Health system’s community clinics and attend weekly supervision conferences with the professor.

Students in the Practicum will use skills learned in Law and Medicine Together.  These include interviewing and client-counselling skills as well as skills in specific areas of the law relevant to patient-clients’ needs.

Students will continue to be graded on the quality of their work as a whole with particular attention to their interviewing skills, counselling skills, professionalism, and client advocacy. and will be primarily engaged in more advanced research, writing, and client interviewing than was expected of them in the Law and Medicine Together (“LMT”)  course. Law school permission is required to enroll in this course. Permission to enroll may be denied to students whose performance in LMT was in any way unsatisfactory.

Credits: 2

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