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2009 Summer Sessions Bulletin 
2009 Summer Sessions Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

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SOE 2B - Identification of Child Abuse and Maltreatment

This course meets the statutory requirements included in Part 52.21 of the Commissioner’s Regulations governing teacher preparation programs. The program shall provide study that will permit candidates to obtain the knowledge and skills and means for identifying and reporting suspected child abuse and maltreatment in accordance with the requirements of section 3004 of the Education Law. The seminar is developed for teachers, pupil service personnel and administrators to provide students with the knowledge and tools necessary to identify maltreatment in children. This is two hours of prescribed course of study for individuals applying for certification. The course includes information regarding the physical and behavioral indicators of child abuse and maltreatment and the statutory reporting requirements set out by the Commissioner, including how a report must be made, what other legal actions the reporter is mandated or authorized to take, the legal protections offered reporters and the consequences for failing to report.

Prerequisites & Notes
Available to individuals not currently enrolled in a Hofstra University undergraduate or graduate program.

Semester Hours: No credit

Summer 2009 Offering:
80207: Distance Learning, Edwards

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