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2011-2012 Law Catalog 
2011-2012 Law Catalog [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

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LAW 3738 - Classics in Law and Rhetoric: A Close Reading Seminar

A classic is a text that has come through history, passed forward with recommendation by one generation to the next. As a consequence, there is likely to be an important core of meaning associated with the text; but that core may be more difficult to get at due to both the loss of original context and the diversity of perspectives provided by successive waves of readers. A different text or texts in law, legal or political philosophy or rhetoric, is announced for each semester and subjected to a close and intensive joint reading by teacher and students. Collateral reading (commentary and historical background, including other texts of the time) is encouraged, but not required. The student should relate the text to the practices of law. The student chooses a topic, in consultation with the teacher, for a research essay.

Credits: 2 or 3

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