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2022-2023 Graduate Studies Bulletin 
2022-2023 Graduate Studies Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Work Based Learning Extension, Adv. Cert.

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Adjunct Associate Professor Iverson, Graduate Program Director, 516-463-7284

This advanced certificate program for work based learning is designed for graduate students who have the appropriate New York state provisional/initial or permanent/ professional certifications listed below.

The successful completion of two on-line courses, SED 211 , Work-Based Learning Program: Organization and Structure (3 s.h.), and SED 212 , Work-Based Learning Program: Operation and Supervision (3 s.h.), which can be taken in either order, will lead to ONE of the following extensions to a New York state teacher’s certification:

  1. Coordinator of Work-based Learning Programs for Career Awareness – for students with initial/professional certification in any area of Adolescence 7-12, Students with Disabilities 5-9 or 7-12, or provisional/permanent certification in School Counseling
  2. Coordinator of Work-based Learning Programs for Career Development – for students with initial/professional certification in Family and Consumer Sciences or Business and Marketing Education.

The work based learning certification extension enables educators to place and supervise students in off-campus training and educational sites.

Admission Requirements

Applications for admission to this advanced certificate program in the Department of Teaching, Learning and Technology  are made to the Graduate Admission Office. Admission is based on a comprehensive review of multiple criteria. The department understands that any single criterion may not reliably predict a student’s potential for success in the program. Students may consider applying even if they fail to meet one of the criteria listed below but feel that other aspects of their experience might compensate. All individual cases will be reviewed by an Admissions Counselor before being referred to the graduate program for further review.

Applicants must:

  1. Hold a valid provisional, permanent, initial, or professional certificate for classroom teaching service or school counseling.
  2. Submit a completed application obtained from the Office of Graduate Admission.
  3. Have earned a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 on all undergraduate course work, or its equivalent (e.g., a 3.0 in a completed graduate program). We encourage you to submit all transcripts from your undergraduate work and any graduate work for consideration.
  4. Interview with a business and marketing and family and consumer sciences program director.

Program Requirements - Total Semester Hours: 6

NOTE: The two courses, which may be taken in either order, are offered online.

Graduation Requirements

  1. A minimum GPA of 3.0 in overall graduate work.
  2. All course work taken in satisfaction of this certificate must have been taken within a five-year period.

Teacher Certification Requirements

Upon successful completion of degree requirements, students will be eligible to apply for the University’s recommendation for New York state certification. Contact the OSchool of Education Dean’s Office for information regarding any required Educational Law seminars* and other certification requirements. 

*Please note, as of December 31, 2013, the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education now require a new six-hour seminar for Training in Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination Prevention and Intervention, required under the Dignity for All Students Act (DASA): http://www.highered.nysed.gov/tcert/news/newsitem05162013.html.

Please contact the School of Education Dean’s Office for information regarding the fingerprinting requirement and any other specific certification requirements.

Teachers who are pursuing work based learning extension certification must provide documentation to New York state of previous work experience. This experience might have been in high school, college, summer employment or in a previous career. This is the responsibility of the applicant. Hofstra University (or any institution providing the work based learning preparation courses) does not have a role in this documentation.

  • Career Awareness – 300 clock hours outside of teaching required
  • Career Development – 600 clock hours outside of teaching required

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