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2011-2012 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2011-2012 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED BULLETIN]

Criminology, B.A. Major in

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Administered by the Department of Sociology

Program Description

Criminology studies the presence and consequences of crime in society. The criminology program offers both the major and the minor for undergraduate students interested in this important and exciting field. It is interdisciplinary and strongly based in  the liberal arts. It offers a broad array of courses from the social sciences, physical sciences, and humanities in disciplines such as sociology, psychology, philosophy, political science, forensics and linguistics. The program is designed to provide students with sound methodological and analytic skills, leading to a critical understanding of crime, the operation of the criminal justice system, and the interrelationships among  social, political, economic, legal, behavioral, and ethical factors bearing on the sources of and societal responses to criminal activity. 

Major Requirements

The major in criminology requires the completion of a minimum of 32 s.h. of course work including:

1) Required Courses - Semester Hours: 14

2) Three s.h. in each of the following categories - Total semester hours: 6

3) Electives, chosen under advisement - Semester Hours: 12

Courses taken from among those listed under categories I and II above that are beyond the required minimum of 3 s.h. may count as electives. The following courses can also be taken as criminology electives:


No more than 8 s.h. can be utilized to satisfy both the major requirements in criminology and those for any other major or minor.

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